In Bruges

In Bruges

April 20, 2014

Until a few months ago Bruges wasn't even on my radar as a place that I wanted to go until my friend Joshua mentioned it and I looked into it a bit. One look at a few pictures on line and I was hooked and knew I wanted to go. We had planned to go to Belgium while we were here, but I was thinking Ghent or perhaps Brussels. If nothing else I wanted to enjoy some Belgium chocolate in Belgium!

I had heard of the movie In Bruges but had not actually seen it so thanks to Netflix (so grateful for Netflix!), this was next on my agenda. Lulu and I spent a thoroughly enjoyable evening one night while Richard was gone curled up on the bed together watching this odd little film. Odd as it was, it did have lots of amazing photos of Bruges that made me want to go even more ... and by the way, you can take a tour of all the places they filmed the movie while you are there if you enjoy that kind of thing.

I have to say right off that I completely disagree with Colin Farrell, Bruges is not a shit hole (his words not mine). Bruges is an extremely beautiful and well preserved medieval city that was first inhabited over 2000 years ago that is often referred to as the Venice of the North. It is filled with fascinating architecture, cobblestone streets and peaceful canals that crisscross the city and is much livelier than is portrayed in the movie.

Much of what I saw in Bruges is what I expected. The views from the canals are stunning and although the boat cruise is very “touristy”,  it is definitely worth doing and allows you to see Bruges in way that you wouldn’t otherwise.

Chocolate is everywhere you turn. I think that's enough said on that topic other than it's as delicious as it looks ....


But for me, one of the most fun and unexpected parts of the trip was being introduced to Fidel the golden lab that lives at the Cote Canal Bed and Breakfast. When you head down one of the main canals in front of the BNB where he lives, you will see Fidel perched in the gable window overseeing what’s going on in his part of the world. And it is definitely his part of the world. Most of the time he just keeps on eye on things from his half asleep position on his pillow, lifting his head only occasionally to change positions or pose for yet another photo. 

The day I was there a black lab from the neighborhood came by with his owner and  Fidel was immediately at attention, up on his feet letting out a series of quick barks as if to say, this is my territory and everyone knows it!


To see the trailer and Fidel's cameo appearance in the movie In Bruges click here.  

Fidel In Bruges

Meandering the streets of Bruges feels like going on one big treasure hunt. You don't quite know what you're going to find with each new twist and turn and there is a new surprise around each corner. Here are a few photos that I particularly like and think capture the unique spirit and whimsy that are uniquely Bruges.


And of course, what would a fairy tale city be without at least one windmill? These beauties are a sample of the windmills that surround the outer perimeter of the city.


I hope you enjoyed this little tour of Bruges as much as we enjoyed being there.

Until next time ….

XOXO, from me and Lu