Tschuss! Auf Wiedesehen! Ciao!

Tschuss! Auf Wiedesehen! Ciao!

April 27, 2014


When I first learned that we would be going to Germany for a while before heading to London I immediately signed up for a podcast dedicated to learning conversational German which I have listened to exactly twice now. I had grand visions of me chattering away in German, or at least being somewhat conversational by time our stay here came to an end, and sadly I have to report that it didn't all quite work out that way. I actually did learn quite a few words, mostly food related for some inexplicable reason, but I just can't string any of them together or form an actual sentence. Out of all the words I learned without a doubt my absolute favorite is schussTschuss, which is pronounced a bit like chews, is the casual way you most often hear people say goodbye or see you later here in Germany rather than using the more formal Auf Weidersehen you may already be familiar with. What I love about this word is that it is always said in such a happy go lucky way with an explanation point at the end and it always makes me feel kinda happy go lucky when I say it. It's a fun word and makes me feel happy.

Three days from now we make our move from Dusseldorf to London and it's hard to believe that three months have gone by already. Over this last weekend I spent a little time walking around the city soaking it all in and appreciating this amazing city that we've been privileged to call home for a short period of time.

Thank you Dusseldorf for a great three months and making us feel so welcome.


Here are a few photos to enjoy from our last weekend out and about in Dusseldorf. 

The ‘ Pillar Saints” — there are 9 of them spread across the city although I have only captured 3. I find them quite intriguing.


These images are from Alstadt which literally means old town and is one of the 49 boroughs of Dusseldorf.


And just because…



Until next time ...

XOXO, from me and Lu