5 Steps to Writing a Better Blog

5 Steps to Writing a Better Blog

september 25, 2014


Okay so here's the deal. Writing a blog is a lot of work ... or it can be if that's what you make it. And that's exactly what happened for me. I made my blog posts a whole lot of work mostly because I am a perfectionist by nature and I just couldn’t push that "go" button until I’d tweaked it enough times that I was satisfied.

Don't get me wrong, I loved the process for the most part and have been pretty darn proud of the finished product. I've also really appreciated hearing from a number of you that you are enjoying it too and look forward to each new post.

But I was honestly at that point where I was just about ready to give it up.

I've had the experience several times in my life of turning something I loved into a job that I dreaded and eventually walking away from it completely and with all I’d put into it so far, this was not a road I wanted to go down again. But considering that I was often processing anywhere from 300 to 1000 photos for each post, it really was starting not be so much fun anymore ... and after all, my original motto was that I would have fun and I would leave my perfectionism behind.

Ha! (yeah I know, those of you that know me well are having a good chuckle right now).

So, I've taken a few steps to improve my blog (I hope!) and bring some joy back into the process and into my life.

What are they? Glad you asked.

1). Ask for help from a professional. I knew exactly who to call and did. Yeah me!

2). Write shorter blogs but write them more often. Once a week is the new plan.

3). Keep it simple. Share with you more about my process and my growing pains and whatever is happening a long the way.

4). Let go. Post what is ready instead of waiting until it's all done and no less than perfect before I can post anything at all.

5). And finally and most importantly – have fun!

Wow. They all sound like some pretty good metaphors for life don’t ya think?

But this is a photography and travel blog, right? Not to disappoint. We decided I should be working on step #5 and headed to Paris for the weekend.

Disneyland - Paris to be exact. We went on rides, tried on silly hats, watched an amazing light show and ate way too much food.

Here a few fun images of the weekend to enjoy for now. I will be blogging more about this weekend one day soon!


I would love to hear from you bloggers out there about your experience and any tips you might have to add to my list of 5 Steps to Writing a Better Blog.

And the rest of you, have you ever had the experience of turning something that started out fun into a job you often dreaded? Yeah? I’d love to hear about it ….

Until next week,

XOXO, me and lu