Cinque Terre Day Two ~ Saving the Best for Last

Cinque Terre Day Two ~ Saving the Best for Last

OCTOBER 18, 2014

Our day two in Cinque Terre was without a doubt a saving the best for last kind of day. We didn’t plan it that way, it just sort of happened all on its own. By now we were finally settling into the rhythm of being away from city life and well, just being “being” in Italy and what we experienced was a very memorable day indeed.

Early that morning we headed to the town of Manarola which is a postcard perfect little town. It has one main street which leads you from the harbor to the vineyards above where unbelievable views await you.

Once you make you way up to the top you meet up with the hiking trail that joins one town to the next. Can you see “where’s Waldo” in this picture? Or should I say “where’s Richard”? A question I am frequently asked ….

A day well spent in Manarola in my opinion would be an early morning hike followed by lunch at Trattoria dal Billy where you will enjoy not only amazing seafood and pasta but the best views in all of Cinque Terre as well as a warm and welcoming staff. They also have gluten free pasta so Trattoria dal Billy gets a total thumbs up in my book.


After lunch on your way back through town you might want to grab a photo from the bridge overlooking the main street and harbor, one of the most photographed spots in the CT.

And if you have nothing else planned for your afternoon why not head down to the harbor for a relaxing swim ... looks inviting right? It totally is.

For us it was a short boat ride from Manarola to Vernazza so we could take in Cinque Terre from the sea which is absolutely a must do if you ask me.

Vernazza is without a doubt the beauty queen of the CT and I could have easily hung out with her for days … or weeks. Yep, weeks. I once spent three weeks in a hammock in Thailand and I think it often takes just "being" in place for awhile before it begins to really speak to you.

Check out these cafes built into the edge of an old castle, one of the first things to greet you when you arrive by boat.

And it’s amazing piazza with and old church built right on the water.


Vernazza is a feast for the eyes (not to mention your camera) and my favorite of the five towns of Cinque Terre. Here are a few more images I took there for you to enjoy …



Ciao until next week!

XOXO, from me and lu