All Things Are Possible

All Things Are Possible

October 22, 2015

What a lovely surprise to finally arrive in what was to be our little neck of the woods while in Maine, head out to explore for the first time and see one of my favorite personal mantras lining the streets of our new neighborhood. ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE. I say these exact words to myself almost daily and I found myself reflecting on how the simple fact the I was standing there on that particular street, doing what I was doing, was in and of itself proof of just how true these words really are.

Taking a road trip across this beautiful country I call home, living and traveling in Europe as I did last year, and having the opportunity to develop my passion for photography are all dreams that have been with me for many years. There was a period in my life not all that long ago when I could barely even imagine the possibility of them ever becoming a reality.

And yet here I was doing all that and more. All things truly ARE possible …

Maine is most definitely Richards turf. He spent most of his life there and he’s a Mainer through and through. Even when we would talk about Maine before we had even arrived his accent would pop up out of nowhere and suddenly there wasn’t an “R” to be found in his vocabulary. Things like “over there” became “ova theya” and so on. I found it all to be rather endearing and it made me even more excited about this part of the trip.

I had been to Maine before, but only briefly. In making plans for our road trip we thought it would be fun to find a little house and spend an entire month there, connecting with dear friends, showing me his old stomping ground etc. I was really looking forward to experiencing Maine through Richards eyes and getting to know both of them a little better. But I was especially looking forward to the inevitable snippets of history that were bound to be part of the tour ... you know the “those are the bleachers where I kissed the red head girl with the big boobs” and so on. Appear they did and it made for an interesting tour of Maine for sure.

Our house was in a neighborhood called Knightsville and it was perfect. It’s a quaint but up and coming neighborhood tucked under the Casco Bay Bridge in South Portland with beautiful old Victorian homes and sweet little cafes, art studios and vintage shops within a block from our little house.


Our Home for the month of August - complete with bikes on the porch for cruising the neighborhood.


                The Casco Bay Bridge connecting South Portland to downtown Portland

But it was also rich with history and memories. The park Richards sister was married in was just a few blocks away and the office his Mom once worked in was just steps from our door. Oh, and then there was the Pizza Joint that’s been there for over thirty years that was a regular stop for Richard when he lived here. The owner even remembered him when he came in! Couldn’t be better.

Our month in Maine was amazing and there is much to share. But for now here are some photos I took walking through our lovely little Knightsville neighborhood for you to enjoy.

Don't worry .... the Lighthouses and lobsters are still to come!

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Until next time and another story from Maine …

XOXO, me and lu