P-Town and Truro and Bears, oh my!

P-Town and Truro and Bears, oh my!

August 9, 2015

If your looking for a change pace in Cape Cod and want to have some fun while taking in the local color then Provincetown, or P Town as the locals call it, is the place to go. It is situated a the very tip of the peninsula where the Atlantic Ocean and the bay side come together and is a bustling center of activity compared to the rest of the Cape. It would be easy to spend the better part of a day just people watching if you’re so inclined, or simply checking out the plethora of quirky little shops and galleries that line the narrow streets. It’s as fun as it is overwhelming at times, and there is no shortage of good food, ice cream, and salt water taffy to boot. 

It was Bear Week in P Town while we were there which made it even more crowded and the people watching more interesting by far. Don’t know what a Bear is? I have to admit that I wasn’t entirely sure about that myself until I experienced it so I found this you tube video for those of you not in the know…

I also have to admit that I fell down a bit on my photo journalism efforts while in P Town and didn’t take a single photo of a Bear that week. Honestly, it felt just plain rude to be another gawker shoving a camera in their faces so I chose not to, but here are a few shots that capture the mood of the week quite well.

Far from the madding crowd of Bear Week however is the the MacMillan Pier which proved to be a lovely change of pace. The pier is an historic fishing port turned commercial enterprise but is lovely to stroll along. You can take the ferry to and from Boston from here or just cruise around the harbor in one of the many tours that depart from here.

I enjoyed walking amongst the old sailing vessels that were there and as well as looking back at the view of P Town nestled amongst the sand dunes.

And oh the beaches …. the beaches down at this end of that Cape are the most beautiful I’ve seen yet. The terrain changes considerably and becomes beautiful sand dunes with warm soft sand stretching for as far as the eye can see. What struck me the most was how clean and so, so quiet they were. Unlike the Southern California beaches of my childhood, there seemed to be a high level of reverence and respect for the natural beauty and wildlife that is here.

As you approach P Town however there is a small town called Truro, my favorite by far. If you look to your left or to the bay side from the highway just before P Town you will see this unpretentious little gem and the rows of tiny beach cottages that are the quintessential Cape Cod that Truro is known for.

I spent an entire afternoon there just before sunset walking the quiet beaches and snapping photos to my hearts content. It was the highlight of my stay on the Cape and it was hard to say goodbye to these lovely ladies.

Meet Tulip.

And Bluebell.

And then there was Miss Begonia … again, my favorite.

Here they are in all there glory just as the sun was retiring for the night and so was I. 

Goodbye lovely ladies …. until we meet again!

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Until next week from Bean Town ….

XOXO, me and lu